Thursday, 29 June 2017

Writing - Term 1

WALT use information we have gained.

Talking to Bat Man

  • The short tailed bat is only the size of your thumb.
  • The short tailed bat only lives in New Zealand.
  • The short tailed bat is in endangered species that has six predators like cats, rats, ferret, possum, stoat, weasel.
  • There's a rare plant called the New Zealand wood rose and endangered like the short tailed bat
  • The short tailed bat lives in hollow trees


Writing - Term 2

WALT write a moment in time.

The Magic Library

I can see a book that was hovering up on a shelf. I tried to grab it, but it flew away. I can see the book flying across the room like a bird.

I can smell an old smell, it’s a very dusty smell of old books. I can smell the fresh air coming through the window.

I can hear silence in my ears and there’s an echo coming from the shelves. I can hear the pages rustling.

I can feel dust in my skin, it feels like something is crawling into my skin. I can feel the dust blowing passed my face.

Maths - Measurement

Goal: Read and explain everyday time problems.

I learnt about time relationships - 
1 minute = 60 seconds
2 hours = 120 minutes
4 hours = 240 minutes
365 days = 1 year
7 days = 1 week
14 days = 1 fortnight
100 years = 1 century
10 years = 1 decade

I learnt about 24 hour time - Digital Clock
9.30am = 0930
9.30pm = 2130
2.00am = 0200
2.00pm = 1400

I learnt how to tell the time on an analogue clock
The big hand points to the minutes
The small hand points to the hours

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Dance Blog

Dance blog
Written by Braeden

In our hip hop routine we did a lot of moves like the strut and mexican wave.
In Cha Cha the moves that we learnt were the basic, new yorker, allamana turn, train and back to back. My favourite step for the cha cha was the train.

Daphne and Jasper's Camp movie