Thursday, 17 August 2017

Koru Art

WALT create artist inspired artwork

We used the Koru art of Raewyn Harris to give us ideas for our own koru patterns.
These are the steps we took:

  1. We experimented with different colours to see which colours went well together. We used the colour wheel to help us.
  2. We practised drawing koru and shapes on a piece of paper
  3. We continued doing our draft copies with pencil. When we were happy with the colours we chose we coloured in the draft.
  4. We put chalk lines around our patterns.
  5. We dyed the draft copy to see if it looked alright and the chalk lines that had soaked up the dye looked clear.
  6. We transferred our design onto A3 piece of cartridge. We had to make the chalk lines thick and clear so they would show up when the dye was painted over top.
  7. We dyed out design.
My next step is to make the chalk lines thicker.

Here is a photo of my art.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Bully rap

·    To compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about bullying
we had to chose 6 lines in a piece of paper and chose 2 words from each 6 lines it was hard 
because we had choose lots of rhyming . this is a link to my bully rap 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


e.g # 1
* sally has 39 biscuits that she wants to put in to packets of 5.
how many packets can she fill? 7 (5 x 7= 35)
how many biscuits will she have left over? 4

e.g # 2
* 17 children wanted to play soccer. there where 5 people in each team.
how many teams where there and how many children would have to be reserves?
17 divide by 5 = 3 r 2 (3 x 5 +15, 15 + 2 = 17)


Thursday, 6 July 2017

multi cultural week

This week I have participated actively in a range of learning experience around ‘Multicultural week’

Complete these sentences

WHAT: I was involved in a range of learning experiences for Multicultural week. I did chopsticks even though i know how to use them .

I learnt the traditional chinese spring cut.
I enjoyed the hena in our hands.
I was most fascinated by the building without nails.

A question I have is do you need to go to the army even if you don't want to.

Term 1 Goal Review

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps

Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
Creative thinking and mental
Problem solving in maths

He can read few progres of lecture .and he likes to watch informative stuff to learn some facts.
Watching information videos .
At school this year i would like to achieve writing and maths .

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
Reading more books in 40 book challenge

Read books at library at free time rather than learning time.
Concentrate on what i am doing .
To achieve my computers and maths.

Reading - Know what different words mean

WALT know what different words mean.

We started of by reading a story called The Red Ball. Then we needed to choose an Adjective and write it on a piece of paper or in our device. Then we needed to make a word bank.r device. Then we needed to make a word bank.
Bounded page 20
Demanded page 21
Sprang page 21
Mood page 21
Twinge page 23
Scornfully page 23
Vanished page 23
Spun page 24
Enchanted page25
Cowered page 25

As her smiling sister had bounded to the front ,something cold twisted in ida’s stomach.
“Hey! What did you do that for?”demanded May.
You’re not as great as you think you are.” tears sprang into may’s eyes.
On the walk home, may was too excited to notice Ida’s dark mood.